Schneider to install Qualcomm tracking system on all trailers

| 8/27/2003

Green Bay, WI-based truckload carrier Schneider National announced recently it would install Qualcomm equipment to track its untethered trailers.

The system will enable Schneider’s shipper customers to track where the trailer carrying their load is at all times and whether the trailer is loaded or unloaded. According to Tom Nightingale, a Schneider spokesman, all 47,000 trailers in the company’s fleet will be equipped with the new Qualcomm devices. All the company’s tractors already used satellite equipment.

“Even our owner-operators are equipped with the satellite in-cab communications in the tractor, and just never had it in the trailer,” Nightingale said. “In the past, we could always track [a trailer] when it was attached to a driver, but we couldn’t track it when it was on a rail car, when it was in a drop yard, or when it was in a customer drop lot.”

Nightingale said owner-operators make up 22 percent of the company’s fleet.

The new equipment will enable tracking trailers wherever they are located.