HOS relief granted for drivers hauling fuel to Arizona

| 8/26/2003

Gasoline is once again flowing through a pipeline that normally supplies about a third of the Phoenix area's gas, even though it could be several days before supplies begin flowing at a normal level.

Relaxed gas restrictions, eased HOS rules and less panic pumping helped ease lines at gas stations.

Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano, The Arizona Motor Transport Association, the Arizona Department of Transportation, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and others helped gain temporary relief from hours of service restrictions for tank drivers providing relief to retail fuel outlets.

That relief was granted in the form of a declaration from Napolitano authorizing local transportation officials “to employ every available means to assist gasoline distributors in hauling refined petroleum product to any affected county in the state of Arizona.”

The current DPS authorization is specific to Maricopa County and provides the following:

“Motor carriers that are providing direct assistance to Maricopa County with shipments of gasoline and diesel fuel may allow drivers to be on duty for 80 hours in any period of eight consecutive days. Drivers are required to be off duty for a 24-hour period following the 80 hours. For purposes of this emergency, these additional hours need not include non-driving time with a limitation that driving time and non-driving combined does not exceed 80 hours. Under no circumstances shall total on-duty time exceed 80 hours in an eight-day period.”

The exemption will remain in effect for 30 days unless it is rescinded.