Officer shoots two during attempted truck burglary at Hunts Point

| 8/26/2003

An off-duty officer serving as a security guard shot two men as he attempted to stop a truck burglary in the Hunts Point area of the Bronx, The New York Daily News reported Aug. 24.

The newspaper reported that the officer saw one man under a truck and ordered him out. At that point, the other man attacked him.

The officer shot six rounds out of his weapon, a 9-mm, at the two men. Both were hit. The two men, both local residents, were charged with attempted burglary and assault.

The incident occurred on the property of City Produce Trucking Co.

Hunts Point, located in the Bronx borough of New York City, bills itself as the largest food distribution center in the world. It is home to dozens of independent wholesale food businesses that handle 40 percent of the meat and 80 percent of the produce that is distributed in the New York City area.