The buck stops on I-80

| 8/21/2003

As Harry Truman might have said, the buck stopped on Interstate 80 near Grinnell, IA, Aug. 19 after an eastbound armored truck lost its stash of cash, sending money into the wind – which in turn stopped traffic.

The truck crew realized the money was missing near a rest stop, said Lt. Rob Hansen, a spokesman for the Iowa State Patrol who spoke to The Associated Press. Vehicles in both lanes stopped and people got out to help recover the money

"They (the crew) knew they lost it and stopped immediately and attempted to retrieve it," Hansen said. Authorities were investigating whether occupants of several vehicles had taken some of the money.

"Some folks ... attempted to benefit from the situation," Hansen said.

Hansen could not say whether the loss was part of a robbery or some other attempt to take money from the armored truck.