New York governor signs higher penalties for truck route violators

| 8/20/2003

Gov. George Pataki has signed into law legislation that will hike penalties for truckers who don’t follow New York’s designated truck routes.

The new law is intended to cut down on the heavy truck traffic some residential areas, particularly in New York City, face when drivers use undesignated routes.

“This new law will help make roads and neighborhoods throughout New York safer by increasing penalties on unsafe drivers who violate the rules of the road,” Pataki said in a recent statement. “While most truckdrivers are safe, conscientious and law-abiding, these tougher penalties will help to ensure that anyone who violates designated truck route signs is held accountable.”

Under A1433, the maximum fine for first-time offenders will increase from $100 to $500; while the maximum for repeat offenders will jump from $300 to $2,000. Additionally, violators will have points added to their driving record and could face as much as 90 days in jail.

The new law takes effect Nov. 1.