Delaware to have its own EZ-Pass system this year

| 8/19/2003

Drivers using their New Jersey EZ-Pass on Delaware’s toll roads will soon have to make a change.

The Delaware State News reported Aug. 18 that officials in Dover would start their own EZ-Pass system. The state’s electronic toll-payment system has been operated as part of a 7-year-old bistate contract with New Jersey.

When the new Delaware system gets up in running, which state officials told the newspaper should occur in about three months, 54,000 users will need new transponders to use EZ-Pass in Delaware.

The News said DelDOT would pay the $3.2 million cost of the switch. Earlier this year, the New Castle-Wilmington News Journal placed the cost of extracting Delaware from the deal with New Jersey at $14 million.

The News Journal reported Jan. 7 that Delaware officials wanted out of the E-ZPass partnership, citing customer service problems, including long waits for subscribers who call the partnership. In addition, the state had expected to share in profits produced by E-ZPass; instead, the system is in debt.