New York e-911 service to get boost

| 8/14/2003

A communications consulting firm announced Aug. 12 it had been selected to help set up the wireless 911 system for New York City police dispatchers.

After installation, the system will pinpoint the location of callers who make emergency calls from cell phones. Plans for the system were accelerated after four area teen-agers drowned after calling 911 from a boat whose location could not be found.

The company, iXP Corp. of Princeton, NJ, has worked with New York's 911 system for several years. But the wireless mapping system will be the largest of its kind in the country, the company's chairman and chief executive, Richard E. Dale, said.

The company said it would be paid $700,000 for software and setup costs, including tests of the system in all areas of New York, The New York Times reported.