Biometric identifier cards for transportation workers are upcoming

| 8/14/2003

The U.S. Transportation Security Administration has selected Mountain View, CA-based Drexler Technology Corp.'s LaserCard optical memory cards as a candidate for the upcoming Transportation Workers Identification Credential, or TWIC program.

The LaserCard can simultaneously store all or any combination of biometric identifiers such as all 10 fingerprints, hand geometry, iris and retina scans, facial image recognition, digitized signature and face photograph.

Under the TWIC program, as many as 12 million digitized biometric identification cards eventually could be issued by the TSA to truckdrivers, airport and railway personnel and port workers. The cards would be utilized by workers who require unescorted access to secure areas at their facilities.

Following field tests, those digital card technologies that are deemed appropriate would be eligible to enter into the prototype phase of the program, which begins in September, October or November 2003.

According to industry publications, the prototype phase is expected to involve about 10,000 transportation workers employed at airport, railway, port and trucking facilities in Philadelphia, Wilmington, DE, and Long Beach and Los Angeles, CA.