Pennsylvania considers fuel tax hike

| 8/12/2003

The transportation committees of the Pennsylvania General Assembly are reviewing a proposal that would hike the state’s fuel tax for road maintenance funds.

The current proposal would request a 5- to 8-cent increase per gallon of fuel to be used for additional funding for highway construction and maintenance.

According to The Towanda Daily Review, the tax hike would be broken into four parts: 25 percent would go for a Pennsylvania Transportation Department bond; 25 percent to PennDOT for maintenance and bridge work; 25 percent for Turnpike Commission projects; and the rest would be used for local roads.

Sen. Roger Madigan, R-Bradford, chair of the Senate Transportation Committee, told the newspaper the proposal could go through if lawmakers can first solve other budgetary concerns.

“This will be important for local governments; they need the funding for their roads, and PennDOT needs to continue matching federal dollars,” Madigan said, adding that federal highway money is drying up, and the state needs to dig into its pockets.