Take one of these and call me in the morning

| 8/12/2003

For truckers tired of taking pill after pill in the battle against coronary disease, some researchers in England have good news.

According to Reuters news service, Professor Nicholas Wald and Professor Malcolm Law of the University of London are working on what they call the “Polypill.” Instead of taking numerous pills every day – aspirin, blood pressure medication, folic acid, cholesterol medications and so on – you could take one Polypill, which combines all those medications.

"The idea, supported by lots of evidence, is that if all of us at 55 take the Polypill that has six ingredients, then 80 percent of heart attacks and stroke could be gotten rid of," Dr. Richard Smith, the editor of the British Medical Journal, told the news service recently.

"Because the ingredients are, or are about to be, off patent, this could be an extremely cheap and simple pill," he added.