Oregon photo-radar bill may be dead

| 8/11/2003

Legislation in the Oregon Senate that would have added to the list of cities permitted to use photo radar to catch speeders is likely dead, according to local media.

SB917 was sent back to the Senate Rules Committee Aug. 4 because it lacked the votes to pass the Senate.

Opponents said the bill was doomed because of its controversial policing method, the Statesman Journal reported.

The proposal, already on the books in towns such as Bend, Eugene and Portland, would permit a marked vehicle, usually a van, to be equipped with computers and cameras that record the speed of an oncoming driver. If a driver were caught speeding, a citation would then be mailed to the registered owner.

Concerns of privacy invasion, unforeseen cost for drivers and indirect identification set the bill back.

“It’s (perceived as) the black helicopter,” Senate Majority leader Kate Brown, D-Portland, told the newspaper. “As kind of a too-much-government thing.”