Trucker’s child snatched in dispute with employer

| 8/11/2003

A dispute over trucking paperwork in Hazelton, ID, led to the alleged kidnapping of a truckdriver’s daughter, according to the Idaho Statesman.

Glenna Stephens, 57, of Hazelton, was arrested and charged with first-degree kidnapping for allegedly taking trucker Jose Ruiz’s crying daughter, the report said. Authorities told the newspaper Stephens’ company had fired Ruiz and he came to her home to get his last paycheck.

When Stephens did not pay Ruiz, he refused to turn over the company’s credit card and shipment records until he was paid, Jerome County Sheriff’s Deputy Gerald Brant told the newspaper. Stephens then followed Ruiz back to his car and snatched his daughter.

Stephens allegedly kept the girl in her home for about 30 minutes, refusing to return the child until Ruiz gave up the trucking documents. Ruiz called sheriff’s deputies, who returned the child to her father.