CTA working FAST for trucker security card

| 8/8/2003

The Canadian Trucking Alliance said Aug. 5 that U.S. transportation authorities like the idea of allowing the FAST card to be used as an all-purpose security ID for Canadian truckers.

Asa Hutchinson, undersecretary of Border and Transportation Security at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, said he liked the suggestion that the Free and Secure Trade card process be used for security credentialing of Canadian drivers.

Canadian carriers have been concerned about their ability to comply with new U.S. hazmat requirements and to obtain a U.S. Transportation Worker Identity Card (TWIC), which will be required for all U.S. transportation workers in the near future. However, there is presently no mechanism for Canadian drivers to even apply for the cards.

In a letter to Alliance CEO David Bradley, Hutchinson said one of his department’s objectives "is to build on the success of credentialing programs like FAST and in furtherance of this objective, your recommendation to utilize the FAST process for cross-border security credentialing merits additional consideration by TSA and the TWIC program."

Bradley and Hutchinson have met twice in recent months at events where the two were speaking on border security issues. "If we can use the FAST card as the platform for other security credentialing requirements for our drivers, it could solve a lot of problems for everyone concerned," Bradley said.