Trucker charged in five highway deaths

| 8/7/2003

A trucker is charged in five deaths after an accident along I-10 in West Texas that occurred despite warning signs along the highway for miles before the accident site, The Associated Press reported recently.

The accident occurred near a federal checkpoint along the highway not far from the city of Sierra Blanca, which lies north of the Rio Grande River about 100 miles east of El Paso, TX.

According to police and media reports, Stan Kennedy, 51, of Shreveport, LA, was driving a car hauler along I-10 as he approached a Border Patrol checkpoint. Signs in advance warned of the checkpoint ahead.

As he neared the checkpoint, Kennedy’s truck struck a line of vehicles, slamming into two cars that slammed into the tractor-trailer that was in front of them. Five people in the cars were killed, and four were injured. The driver of the truck at the front of the line was not hurt.

Texas Department of Public Safety officials told The AP that Kennedy was not paying attention when the accident occurred.

"There's signs for miles in advance, and he didn't slow down - not at all," Jason Grijalva of the Department of Public Safety told The Associated Press.

Kennedy faces charges of manslaughter and injury to a child.