Governor signs bill banning left lane slowpokes in Illinois

| 8/7/2003

Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich has signed a bill that targets slow pokes who drive in the left lane of Illinois highways, state officials told Land Line Aug. 6.

HB1574 would allow law-enforcement officials to pull over and ticket motorists who hold up other traffic in the left lane of “controlled access multilane highways.”

The bill, sponsored by Rep. John Millner, R-Carol Stream, passed the House 99-13 on March 26, and cleared the Senate by a vote of 40-10 on May 13.

Blagojevich told The Daily Herald that the law could make roads safer.

"It appears that some of the difficulties that we see with some of the traffic accidents come from the fact that some drivers are trying to pass, are frustrated with that left lane being blocked and so they move to the middle lane and change and that's not what the intention of the traffic laws are," Blagojevich told the newspaper.

The new law could effectively move many trucks out of the left lane. Illinois currently has a split speed limit that requires trucks to move 10 mph slower than other vehicles on many of the state’s crowded highways. Blagojevich recently vetoed a measure that would have ended the split, HB1186, also citing safety concerns.