Noise and traffic volume top I-95 study list

| 9/12/2002

A two-year study of a 60-mile section of Connecticut's I-95 is half completed. The purpose of the study is to evaluate whether to widen I-95 to three lanes in each direction in the southeast corridor.

The DOT is meeting with officials of towns bordering I-95 to gather local perceptions of the highway's problems, and next year will offer public meetings for residents to share their views. On the agenda will be traffic volume and increased noise levels.

According to a released statement, if I-95 were to be expanded, the highway would have to comply with federal standards for six-lane thoroughfares, which call for three 12-foot-wide travel lanes and two 10-foot-wide shoulders in each direction.

The study so far has found there is not enough room around the existing highway interchanges with local roads for their expansion without acquisition of additional property.

In the southeast corridor there are 78 bridges that would have to be widened, as well as 19 culverts to address, said James Andrini, state DOT transportation planner.

The study now underway expands on a DOT study of southeast I-95 completed in 1999.