Trucker's wife in spotlight with first book

| 9/11/2002

Debby Richardson has always spent a lot of time on the road with her husband, OOIDA member Mitch Richardson, but she's taking some time off.

Instead of riding in the passenger seat of her husband's rig, she's busy with radio interviews and books signings to promote her first book, "September Fury: The Day Terrorists Tried to Kill the American Dream."

Published by 1st Books Library, this book looks at the September 11 attack on the World Trade Centers from the perspective of an ordinary citizen - trucker's wife.

Debby, who resides in Covington, GA, handles the day-to-day operation of the couple's trucking business. Her husband, Mitch, is subcontracted through owner-operator Bob O'Brien Trucking leased to Jones Transportation in Forest Park, GA. An award-winning poet, she has received recognition from Famous Poet, The International Library of Poetry and Iliad Press. Transport Topics, and local newspapers have published her articles and editorials.

Despite her literary accomplishments, Debby is particularly proud of founding the TruckinWives support group and web site for truckdrivers' wives at "It's a place where new trucking wives can get advice from the experienced trucking wives, and they all make friends who know what they're going through," she says about the web site. Through TruckinWives, Debby also holds fundraisers for trucking families in need of financial help when their driver is unable to work due to illness.

Debby's book, "September Fury," is available in paperback, hardback and electronic editions through 1st Books Library at 1-800-839-8640 or
--- René Tankersley