Michelin publishes first North American Road Atlas

| 8/30/2002

"Truckdrivers need easy access to accurate directions to help them navigate their way across North America," said Gayle Sparks Miller, vice president of Michelin Travel Publications. "Whether planning their trip ahead of time or seeking an alternate route because of traffic, weather or other unexpected complications, truckdrivers will find Michelin's new North America Road Atlas an invaluable companion."

The 9-inch by 11-inch atlas is arranged geographically, not alphabetically like most other atlases. The United States, Canada and Mexico are divided into a sequence of squares, each of which is a simple-to-use map. Truckers can use "go-to" pointers to trace their route from one map to the next, without any flipping and frustration.

The spiral-bound atlas does the math with more than 170 easy-to-use distance charts. An interstate map provides distances and driving times; a city-to-city chart shows distances between major North American cities; and regional distance charts are included on each page spread. Distance calculations are provided in both miles and kilometers

The atlas also includes eight additional maps of the Northeast Corridor (Washington, DC, to Boston) that provide greater detail for navigating through that densely populated portion of the United States.