State Reps. send appeal to governor: Repeal diesel tax

| 8/29/2002

On Tuesday, Connecticut lawmakers assembled at Secondi Brothers Trucking in Milford where they told news reporters they believed the increase on diesel fuel would destroy the trucking industry.

State Reps. James Amann (D-Milford), Richard Roy, (D-Milford), Peter Panaroni, (D-Branford), Sen. Win Smith, (R-Milford), and Milford Mayor James Richetelli Jr, have joined forces to ask Gov. John G. Rowland to repeal the tax.

The legislation increased Connecticut's tax on diesel fuel from 18 to 26 cents per gallon on Aug. 1.

The diesel tax increase is expected to produce an additional $25 million in state tax revenue to help Connecticut out if its budget crisis. The increase was approved on June 30 as part of a package designed to raise $130 million.

Sen. Amann reportedly said "Connecticut will become a drive-through state" like it did in the early 1990s when the taxes on diesel were raised. Truckers then were filling up before entering the state's borders and business was lost to neighboring states, he said.

Connecticut ranks 3rd behind Pennsylvania and Wisconsin for taxes charged at the pump. The state's fuel tax is 26 cents per gallon. Rep. Roy said on June 30 he introduced an amendment that would have repealed the tax, but it was defeated.

"We're not going to stop fighting for the truckers of this state; they have been robbed," Roy said.