Spreading the 'No-Zone' safety message

| 8/27/2002

Dart Transit contractors are spreading the U.S. Department of Transportation's highway safety message with Dart's new "No-Zone" trailer. The newly completed trailer sports full-size graphics explaining the danger zones around tractor-trailers.

Harvey Zander (St. Louis Park, MN) and Mel Alseth (Dousman, WI) take turns hauling the trailer to driver's education seminars as well as on deliveries to spread the word on driving safely around big rigs. Zander and Alseth are both OOIDA members.

"We show the students a short film on driving around trucks and then we take them out to see the truck. We'll put cars in the blind spots and let the students sit in the seat to get the trucker's perspective," says Alseth. "It makes quite an impact."

"Icy Blu" with Dart's "No-Zone" trailer.

Earlier this summer, Alseth took the trailer to the "Trucks & Travelin' Machines Night," an early childhood education event in St. Paul, MN. Alseth also was part of a recent "Convoy for Cause," hauling food from St. Paul to Duluth.

"These events help promote the industry and educate the public," says Alseth. "We can do a lot of positive things with the trailer."

Dart developed its No-Zone trailer after Harvey and Karen Zander approached Dart President Don Oren with the idea. Shortly thereafter, work began on the tractor-trailer.

"It's worked out really well. The trailer creates a good image for the trucking industry and it educates the public," says Harvey Zander. "A lot of car drivers just don't know what we can and can't see. Once they see the trailer it's a real eye-opener."

Gary Volkman, Dart's vice president for safety: "Our No-Zone trailer is evidence of Dart Transit Company's commitment to highway safety. Dart has a stake in improving public safety, and we're committed to doing our part to reach that goal."

--Keith Goble, staff writer