Utah puts abduction alerts on highway

| 8/26/2002

Truckers and other drivers have been enlisted in Utah to help recover abducted children. The state Attorney General's office unveiled an expanded Rachael Alert system Aug. 22 to alert drivers on state roads.

Details of child abductions will now be posted on 61 electronic road signs throughout the state. Previously, public notification of alerts was limited to television and radio broadcasts.

Highway radio advisories also will be used, along with Internet and e-mail alerts throughout UDOT's CommuterLink system. In addition, the Utah Trucking Association reportedly will use dispatch centers to distribute abduction information. The Department of Public Safety is also developing a way to send abduction details to all Utah ports of entry.

Utah kicked off its Rachael Alert (also know as an Amber Alert) in April. It was the ninth state to do so. Since then, six others have created similar systems.

Under the expanded alert system, law enforcement agencies can submit notice of an abducted child by fax or e-mail to KSL Radio, the state's designated emergency alert station. After a confirmation call, KSL will activate the alert, followed by television broadcasts and electronic road signs.