New trucking game pokes fun at the business side of trucking

| 8/23/2002

Big Mutha Truckers from Empire Interactive has a new game in the works. The game's plot is fairly simplistic and revolves around the Big Mutha Trucker Company, which is owned by Big Mutha. Ma wants to retire, but can't decide who gets the family business. The solution is simple: Ma's going to hold a "trial by trucking."

Up to four players can take command of an 18-wheeler driven by one of Ma's redneck sons. They truck from city to city, wheeling and dealing and upping the stakes as they battle to build up a personal fortune while ol' Mutha watches to see who will inherit the family business.

Along the way players run into local biker gangs, corrupt sheriffs and even their own siblings who are out to win the family fortune for themselves. The game requires players to have a good grasp of the business side of trucking as well as driving skill.

Sometimes your cargo is explosive, fragile and in some instances illegal. So, if you drive in a reckless fashion you'll find yourself in trouble. At other times you battle your brothers on the road to see who can haul the most freight.

Empire says there are enough hairy-driving experiences during the game to satisfy any game player who likes driving games. Watch for Big Mutha Truckers to be available for the holiday season in both PlayStation and Xbox versions.