Rhode Island: A fine state of affairs

| 8/21/2002

One of the Rhode Island General Assembly's moves to balance the state budget -- the decision in June to raise fines for numerous traffic offenses -- is making itself known, the Providence Journal reports.

The new fines went into effect July 1, raising the basic penalties for traffic violations by $25, in many cases bringing the penalties up to $75.

The speeding ticket went from $50 to $75. In addition, the fines rise faster for higher speeds: whereas 16 mph over the speed limit used to trigger a $160 fine, now 11 mph over the limit triggers a $185 fine. Other violations including driving with an expired registration, seat-belt violations, and running a red light, also went from $50 to $75. In addition, the fine for hitchhiking went from $15 to $40, and for driving or bicycling while wearing a headset or earphones went from $35 to $60.