OTA approves speed boost

| 8/16/2002

The Oklahoma Transportation Authority Thursday unanimously recommended a speed limit increase for Kilpatrick and Creek turnpikes. OTA also awarded a $9.4 million contract for pavement reconstruction on the Cimarron Turnpike.

Speed limits would increase from 65 to 70 mph on Kilpatrick if Public Safety Commissioner Bob Ricks gives the go ahead. A section of the Creek Turnpike from the Turner Turnpike entrance east to U.S. 75 in Tulsa would increase from 65 to 75 mph.

According to an OTA released statement, the increase in speed is in response to customers' requests for the speed limit on Kilpatrick to be the same as that on I-40 and I-35. "The speed will be the same for all vehicles," said Michelle Paul, spokesperson for the OTA.

Oklahoma Highway Patrol Lt. Chris West, a spokesman for the state Public Safety Department said Ricks intends to approve the measure. Speed limits will not change until new signs are posted.
--Donna Carlson, staff writer