Bush turns worm on Congress

| 8/16/2002

President Bush this week withheld $5.1 billion in emergency spending included in the anti-terror supplemental bill because much of the spending, including $2 million for a storage facility for the Smithsonian Institution's worm collection, was unrelated to security.

The $28.6 billion anti-terror spending package signed by Bush gave him the option of approving all or none of a $5.1 billion chunk. In a stern warning to Congress, Bush said fiscal restraint is essential to economic growth.

"In that particular bill they added $5 billion I didn't ask for. And they put some fine print in the bill that said either you spend all the $5 billion or you spend none of the $5 billion," said Bush, who spoke Aug. 15 at the face of Mount Rushmore, SD. "For the sake of fiscal responsibility, I made the decision to spend none of the extra $5 billion."

Meanwhile, Citizens Against Government Waste found the following projects in the fiscal 2002 anti-terror supplemental: $11 million for economic assistance to New England fisheries; $6 million for plant and cattle genome sequencing; and $3 million for the drilling of wells in Santa Fe, NM.