The show must go on

| 8/15/2002

A tractor-trailer hauling two 2,000-pound circus elephants overturned Aug. 8 in Rhinebeck, NY, after the rig drifted off the road.

The African elephants, Paula and Kristi, were headed to their next gig early Friday morning on Route 9, near the Dutchess County Fairgrounds. The rig strayed onto the sloping shoulder and the driver, Armando Rosales of Hugo, OK, lost control of the truck. The trailer hit a curb and struck a telephone pole.

After the trailer came to rest on its side, Paula and Kristi were stuck inside for about three hours. Rescuers cut a hole in the trailer's roof to free the elephants.

Paula and Kristi were only slightly injured. They remained calm through the ordeal as circus employees tossed treats into the truck.

Rosales was cited for failing to use the designated lane, an insufficient logbook and an un-inspected trailer. The Poughkeepsie, NY, show went on as scheduled the next evening.