IL to use automated toll violation system

| 8/13/2002

TransCore of Dallas has announced a three-year, $38 million contract with the Illinois State Toll Highway Authority (ISTHA) to install and manage an automated toll violation processing center.

The project would cover more than 274 miles and 12 counties, with 65 mainline and ramp toll plazas. The system automatically imprints invoices with an image of the vehicle and license plate, along with fee amounts due and related information. Those with three or more unpaid toll violations may have their licenses suspended.

Meanwhile, use of digital cameras for toll collection, red light and speed violation enforcement is increasing nationwide.

"In order to improve mobility and traffic flow, there is a clear trend toward open-road tolling, with more express lanes and unattended mixed-use lanes without barriers," said Jim Tuton, TransCore's National Director of Financial Process Management. "As toll roads become more automated and open, enforcement management systems must be more sophisticated to combat toll violations and collect lost toll revenue."