When security goes bonkers

| 8/9/2002

Regular readers of Land Line Magazine are familiar with "Roses and Razzberries" - a selection of "picks and pans" related to the trucking and transportation industry. But the following item cries out for daily attention.

It concerns a woman, a baby and three milk-filled bottles. Here's a mega-RAZZBERRY to the security guard at John F. Kennedy International Airport who forced a Long Island mother to drink from three bottles filled with her own breast milk. The demand was apparently made to ensure the liquid posed no threat to other passengers. Elizabeth McGarry, 40, of Oceanside, said the incident occurred April 2 as she was boarding a Delta Air Lines flight. She called the whole thing "embarrassing and disgusting."

But perhaps attorney Ronald Duby, who fielded a telephone call from McGarry on his New York radio talk show summed it up best: "The number of middle-aged lactating white women who passed through al-Qaeda training is probably negligible."