Second truck loaded with immigrants stopped in Texas

| 8/9/2002

U.S. Border Patrol agents in Sarita, TX, found 73 undocumented immigrants Aug. 5 in a reefer loaded with rotting watermelons. The discovery of immigrants packed into the back of a truck was the second in less than two weeks in Texas.

The truck's driver, reportedly a U.S. citizen living in the Rio Grande Valley, was arrested and charged with transporting undocumented immigrants, a felony. The driver's name was not released.

The Border Patrol said none of the immigrants found needed medical attention. Border Patrol dogs alerted agents to the smuggling attempt.

On July 27, two El Paso truckers, Troy Dock and Jason Sprague, were arrested after 40 immigrants were found in the back of their sweltering truck in Dallas. Two of the immigrants died of heatstroke. The two men face state murder charges and federal smuggling charges.