Trucker praised for averting possible tragedy

| 8/8/2002

A wrong-way motorist escaped serious injury Monday thanks to a quick-thinking truckdriver who swerved to avoid a head-on collision in North Charleston, SC, according to the Charleston Post and Courier.

Trucker Dennis Young was driving his tractor-trailer on Rivers Avenue near Ashley Phosphate Road when he noticed a car headed straight toward him. Young locked his brakes and swerved but couldn't prevent the 1996 Saturn from slamming into the tractor's passenger-side rear wheels. The impact sent the car into a 180-degree spin and into a Toyota that had swerved to avoid the wreck.

The Saturn driver was treated at a nearby hospital and released. Young and the Toyota driver reported no injuries.

"This could have been really, really ugly if it weren't for the skills of that truckdriver," Pfc. David Singletary of the North Charleston Police Department said of Young. The motorist reportedly bent down to get a cassette tape and veered into the semi's path.