Mystery blobs dot Camden, NJ

| 8/8/2002

Driving through New Jersey? Watch for the blobs! Mysterious black blobs appeared recently on sidewalks and streets of the Waterfront South neighborhood in Camden, NJ, according to The Associated Press. These gooey spots, about the size of a half-dollar, look like oil but feel like wax.

The most recent report by CBS says officials from the Department of Environmental Protection and the Camden County Health Department have determined the strange substance is paraffin wax and poses no risk.

But, neighborhood residents are skeptical. Although paraffin wax is normally a harmless substance used to make candles, it also is used in industrial processes. In the Waterfront South neighborhood, houses, schools and playgrounds share close quarters with factories, and residents are afraid the wax goo may contain other not-so-innocent substances from the factories.

Bonnie Sanders, a lifelong resident of the neighborhood, told The Associated Press and CBS she and other residents fear the substance is harmful. She also said she doubts the explanation given by officials.

"I believe they're covering it up, I really do," she told CBS

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regional office in New York City had no information about the blobs Tuesday, but agreed to look into the situation.
--René Tankersley, feature editor