Maine to build third U.S/Canada bridge

| 8/8/2002

A third bridge linking Maine to Canada will be built across the St. Croix River at a Calais Industrial Park site. The $20 million bridge will be upriver from the two existing spans.

According to the Portland Press Herald, Gov. Angus King said that selection of the industrial park site, two miles from downtown Calais, would ease fears in the business community that drivers heading to and from Canada might bypass the city.

The new bridge will bypass St. Stephen, cross the river and run through the Moosehorn National Wildlife Refuge to Route 1.

Gov. Angus King said in press conference on Monday that Calais is the nation's eighth busiest truck crossing and he hopes the new crossing will help speed delays and traffic backups at the border.

Truck traffic at Calais has increased 63 percent over the past 10 years. On an average summer day, more than 800 trucks and 14,000 cars cross the border there. By 2030, those numbers are projected to increase to 2,100 trucks a day and 21,000 cars.

Reportedly, the new span could be built by 2005.