Missouri voters nix transportation plan

| 8/8/2002

Missouri voters nixed Proposition B Tuesday, the state's transportation plan to raise money for roads, bridges and public transit by increasing sales and fuel taxes.

Unofficial election results, reported Aug. 7 by the Missouri Secretary of State's office, showed an overwhelming "no" by a vote of 670,257 to 254,391, or 72.5 percent to 27.5 percent.

The proposition would have raised diesel and gasoline taxes by 4 cents to 21 cents a gallon and would have increased the sales tax by a half cent.

The plan also would have removed the sunset clause on the 6-cent fuel tax increase approved in 1992. The 1992 increase expires in 2008.

The transportation proposition, which would have raised $483 million for roads, bridges and public transit, began as SB915. The bill was introduced by Sens. Morris Westfall (R-Halfway), John T. Goode (D-St. Louis), John T. Russell (R-Lebanon) and Danny Staples (D-Eminence).

Voters also rejected a proposition to tax cell phones to pay for enhanced 911 (e911) service. The unofficial results showed 596,493 (65.3 percent) against the cell phone tax and 316,822 (34.7 percent) for the cell phone tax.
-- René Tankersley