Do the 'barrel bash'

| 8/7/2002

Have you ever wanted to bash those orange barrels? Here's your chance. Michigan Department of Transportation has invited motorists to take out their frustrations on the orange barrels Friday, Aug. 9 at the "Beltline Barrel Bash" in Grand Rapids, MI. The event takes place from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the northeast corner of Lowe's parking lot, in the southwest corner of the M-11/M-37 (28th Street/East Beltline Avenue) intersection.

The Beltline Barrel Bash marks the official completion of the M-11/M-37 intersection improvements. MDOT invested $2.8 million to reconstruct and widen the intersection. This project included the construction of dual left-turn lanes, curb and gutter improvements, the installation of upgraded traffic signals and an enclosed drainage system. The intersection was opened to traffic three weeks ahead of schedule.

The improvements are part of Gov. John Engler's Build Michigan II plan and TEA-21. According to MDOT, the improved intersection will better accommodate existing and future traffic volumes for this busy commercial and commuter route.