DDC says Series 60 engine to meet EPA standards

| 8/6/2002

Detroit Diesel Corp. (DDC) Aug. 5 said its Series 60 engine will be certified to comply with the Environmental Protection Agency's Oct. 1 deadline for lower engine emissions.

"DDC again confirms its commitment to providing engines that meet the new requirements, without penalties or after-treatment devices," the company said. "Whether any changes to the Oct. 1 implementation date are forthcoming or not, DDC wants to reassure its customers of its long-term commitment to them and its near-term commitment to providing certified engines in October 2002."

Both DDC and Caterpillar of Peoria, IL, face millions of dollars in penalties if they don't meet the October deadline. They have filed suit in U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, saying they need more time to prepare to avoid penalties.

Meanwhile, DDC says technological development of the 2002 Series 60 is on course and its engines will be certified to comply with the new standards.

DDC will initially make about 95 percent of its current ratings available in October 2002. The company will submit applications for 2002 emissions certification to the EPA about 30-60 days in advance of scheduled production.