100 illegal immigrants found in truck

| 8/5/2002

Authorities said they found a tractor-trailer rig containing as many as 100 illegal immigrants July 31 after a witness reported screams coming from the trailer, AP reported. Police went to a truckstop at 1 a.m. Wednesday and found the immigrants, many of whom scattered after being released from the trailer.

The driver, Antonio Deleza, 48, of Laredo, was charged with driving without a license or insurance. Deleza also was being held by the INS on charges related to alleged smuggling, police said.The discovery came days after a tractor-trailer loaded with illegal Mexican immigrants, including two who died, was found near Dallas. The rig's two drivers were charged with murder and federal human trafficking.

About 32 people were in custody Wednesday. Two were sent to the hospital for treatment of dehydration, said Immigration and Naturalization Service spokesman Denton Lankford. ``Some of the people had been in the trailer for as long as 12 hours,'' he said. ``They had cut themselves and their hands trying to get out.''