When is a truckstop NOT a truckstop?

| 8/1/2002

Trucking customers of the Flying J in Checotah, OK, are feeling left out. The "fishhook" celebrated the re-opening of the I-40 bridge in Webbers Falls on Monday with discounts on gasoline and soda pop, but no discounts on diesel.

"Just gasoline," says a crew member at the Checotah who works the fuel desk. When asked if the sale also applied to diesel, he said, "That's all the corporate office would let us do."

The corporate-owned travel center reduced gasoline Monday from $1.27 per gallon to 97-cents per gallon, and soda pop was two cans for $1. Diesel remained at $1.10 per gallon. Besides celebrating the reopening of the bridge, Monday was also the store's anniversary.

The fuel desk employee said he had to direct traffic in the parking lot and nearby street because the cars were stacked up all the way to US 69, which is 300 feet from the store.

The Webbers Falls bridge had been closed since the May towboat catastrophe that took 14 lives. The bridge reopened July 29.
-- René Tankersley, feature editor