Two charged in deaths of Mexican men found dead in tractor-trailer

| 7/30/2002

Two El Paso men are being held on murder charges in the deaths of two Mexican immigrants who were trapped July 27 in a tractor-trailer for nine hours in 96-degree heat. Bond was set at $1 million each, AP reports.Troy Dock and Jason Sprague, both of El Paso, were being held on murder charges in the Collin County jail.

By the time the truck stopped on its route from El Paso to Dallas, two immigrants were dead and dozens more among a total of 40 illegal immigrants were hospitalized for heat exhaustion. Immigration officials said they believe others were involved in a much bigger smuggling operation. According to their employer, Boyd Logistics Inc. of El Paso, the two were new hires. Only 27 of the immigrants have been accounted for, regional INS spokesman Lynn Ligon said.

According to witnesses, the immigrants said they paid between $1,500 and $2,000 for the trip to Dallas. Ligon said the immigrants will have the choice of voluntarily returning to Mexico or attending a hearing before an immigration judge.