California highway upgrades may prompt overhaul

| 7/26/2002

Road crews this week began upgrading Highway 152 linking Silicon Valley with I-5. The road work may be just the start of a major overhaul of other nearby highways to entice truckers from the two-lane stretch of 152 east of Gilroy.

Officials from San Benito, Monterey and Merced counties have been meeting over how to fix the problems on 152 as well as on highways 25 and 101. Among planned road improvements are adding truck passing lanes and turning lanes east of Gilroy; a flyover ramp at the 152-156 intersection; widening Highway 25 to four lanes, making it more trucker friendly to lure semis from 152; improving ramps at 152 and 101; and widening 152 east of Gilroy to Millers Slough.