FMCSA fines HHG carrier $98,000

| 7/26/2002

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has fined a Florida household goods carrier $98,000 for violating commercial regulations. Advanced Moving Systems of Plantation, FL, can contest the alleged violations and the amount of the penalties in an agency proceeding.

Advanced was served with a notice of claim letter to initiate enforcement action for violations of the federal motor carrier commercial regulations. The carrier was cited for violations involving failing to publish a tariff, failing to participate in a dispute settlement program, failing to provide the required consumer information "Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move" and a summary of their dispute settlement program, failing to retain copies of estimates as addendums to the bill of lading, and failing to prepare orders for service.

Consumers can file household goods or other commercial motor carrier complaints by calling 1-888-368-7238 (1-888 DOT-SAFT) or online at The form can be mailed to FMCSA, 400 Seventh St., SW, MC-PA, Washington, DC 20590, or faxed to (202) 366-7298.