Trucker loses life in fiery wreck

| 7/25/2002

A tractor-trailer crashed and exploded in Ohio late Monday, killing the driver. Investigators said the accident may have resulted from something being thrown at the truck from an overpass.

The truck, reportedly driven by Greg R. Holcomb of Albion, PA, allegedly drifted off southbound Route 11 near New Lyme Township shortly after it passed underneath the Mill Road overpass, struck several trees and jackknifed. The truck, loaded with paper, then burst into flames.

Tire marks reportedly show no signs of the driver attempting to turn or slow down. Investigators have not ruled out Holcomb was unconscious, which they said could mean he had a medical problem.

Investigators said they've had four cases of people throwing things off overpasses in the area this year. As of Wednesday afternoon, autopsy results to determine the exact cause of death have not been released.