Diesel price on the upswing

| 7/23/2002

The national average weekly price of diesel fuel per-gallon rose from $1.30 last week to $1.311 this week, with prices rising in all regions of the country, except on the West Coast, were the price is $1.382, down slightly from $1.383; and in California, where the price held steady at $1.427 per gallon.

On the East Coast, the price this week is $1.314, up from $1.301 last week; New England prices are $1.398 compared to $1.384; in the Central Atlantic, prices are $1.391 and were $1.385; in the Lower Atlantic region, prices are $1.273 and were $1.257; in the Midwest, prices are $1.302, an increase from last week's price of $1.289.

In the Rocky Mountain states, the price is $1.334 and was $1.327; and in the Gulf Coast region, prices are $1.277 and were $1.263.