Update: Oklahoma Tax Commission auditor suspected in fraud

| 7/23/2002

A former Oklahoma Tax Commission auditor allegedly received $20,000 in bribes last year for aiding in a fraudulent scheme involving truck tags, according to a story in The Oklahoman. A grand jury is scheduled to meet again this week to investigate whether private trucking agents paid bribes to agency employees to get cheaper tags.

Former auditor Brian Brantley has not been charged but is being investigated by the grand jury. Investigators reported tracing three cashier's checks to him. He resigned last month after refusing to testify before the grand jury.

The scheme allegedly involved sending out a trucking company's expected mileage bill and collecting payment while getting "a corrupt Oklahoma Tax Commission person" to rework the mileage to make the bill less, the newspaper reported. The service agent then paid the new fraudulent bill, keeping a portion of the excess money and paying the remainder to persons such as Brantley, who then assisted in reworking the mileage.

A former trucking agent, Ronnie Cantwell Jr., has testified he split $100,000 made off a fraudulent bill with Brantley and two others.