Pennsylvania to 'strike' against truckers

| 7/22/2002

Heads up, truckers. Pennsylvania officials announced Friday a weeklong statewide truck-inspection program to kick off Sunday, July 21.

Operation STRIKE Three, an acronym for "Safe Trucks In the Keystone," is a joint venture with the State Police, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation and the Public Utility Commission to keep an eye on truckers for violations and potential security problems.

"The goals of the operation are to reduce the number of crashes involving commercial vehicles and to alert trucking companies that we will not tolerate unsafe trucks on our highways," State Police Commissioner Paul Evanko said.

Truck inspections will be conducted at various locations on interstate highways and the Pennsylvania Turnpike. The locations, which are not being disclosed, will change during the course of the upcoming week, Evanko said.

Among other actions, enforcement personnel will check commercial vehicles for equipment violations, verify drivers CDLs and check hazmat loads. Two additional weeklong operations will be conducted before the end of the year, Evanko said.