Prospector program enhances spec'ing, ordering Peterbilt trucks

| 7/18/2002

Prospector, Peterbilt's new vehicle configuration and ordering computer program, has been re-engineered and is now in use throughout the Peterbilt dealer network, bringing a new level of preciseness and ease to the truck spec'ing process, Peterbilt Motors Company recently announced.

Prospector allows customers to work with their Peterbilt dealership to configure and order vehicles custom built to their exact specifications and business requirements, regardless of the application. The newly released spec'ing tool helps ensure optimum compatibility for all component parts, and through frequent, online updates, provides the most up-to-date spec'ing options available.

"As a custom truck manufacturer serving a wide array of markets, Peterbilt provides its customers with many possible vehicle configurations to help ensure they operate a vehicle that meets their needs," says Dan Sobic, Peterbilt assistant general manager. "Prospector helps ensure those needs are met by identifying the optimum vehicle configuration for an application, as well as account for all applicable highway and bridge laws. Additionally, build specifications for all of a customer's previously ordered vehicles can be quickly retrieved through Prospector and used or modified to order new vehicles."

Sobic added that the launch of the new program was supported by comprehensive training coordinated through Peterbilt, helping ensure all Peterbilt dealer sales representatives and their customers get maximum benefit from the new program.

Prospector also features an entirely new graphical look and enhanced functionality. Not only is it easier to go through the spec'ing process, but graphics now correspond to each stage of the spec'ing process, helping customers better visualize their vehicles as they are being built. Engineering CAD (Computer Assisted Design) illustrations are built into the program to graphically represent each model and component, as well as those components installed in the models.

"A customer can watch on-screen as his or her vehicle is being created, seeing how the axles will be spaced, where the fuel tanks will go, how a particular style of bumper will look, different sleeper sizes, etc.," Sobic says. "It provides an unsurpassed level of detail and clarity to the spec'ing process. Prosepctor also allows for many useful reports to be generated, providing customers with immediate, detailed feedback on how a certain vehicle configuration may perform."

For instance, Sobic says, reports can be created to depict probable turning radius, startability, gradeability, cruise performance and axle-weight ratings, to name a few. The reports, he adds, may be printed and provided to customers for easy reference and review.