Trucker murdered near Massachusetts truckstop

| 7/17/2002

An Atlanta truckdriver was found stabbed to death early Sunday in the parking lot of a Springfield, MA-area truckstop. Investigators had no clear motive for the murder and no arrests had been made.

Edward L. Brown III apparently was killed in the parking lot of the Pride fuel station and truckstop near the I-91 interchange in Chicopee shortly before 1 a.m. Brown reportedly was stabbed three times. Investigators believe he was found shortly after he died.

About 70 trucks were parked in the 10-acre lot where Brown died. About 50 drivers reportedly were in their trucks at the time of his death. Most drivers allegedly were running their air conditioners and many were sleeping in their cabs, and none reported hearing or seeing anything unusual.

Brown parked at the truckstop and reportedly visited a bar across the street. There was no known altercation in the bar.

Investigators do not believe the motive was related to drugs or prostitution. They also believe it is unlikely robbery was the motive, because Brown had money in his wallet.

Brown worked for Crown Moving Systems and was traveling with another driver. That man was interviewed but said he was asleep in his truck at the time of Brown's death.