Wisconsin lawmakers seek veto of I-94 widening

| 7/17/2002

Milwaukee aldermen have unanimously called on the governor to veto a legislative provision that would force the Badger State to widen I-94 and other major area freeways from six to as many as 10 lanes. State taxpayers could wind up paying the full cost of at least two and possibly all four of the new freeway lanes.

All 17 aldermen signed a letter asking Gov. Scott McCallum to veto the freeway provision in the state budget repair bill. The letter calls the Legislature "arrogant" for ignoring Milwaukee officials and residents who oppose widening the freeway.

A planning commission's study committee added a measure to the budget repair bill that could force state road crews to widen I-94 in Milwaukee and Waukesha counties to meet projected traffic demand for 25 years after the completion of construction. Rebuilding the freeways reportedly could cost $6.25 billion.