Yucca vote expected this week

| 7/9/2002

Opponents of a plan to bury nuclear waste in Nevada rallied July 7 and called on the U.S. Senate to reject the Yucca Mountain proposal during a vote that could come this week, AP reported Monday.

Some are concerned about the Nevada facility's design and the possibility of groundwater contamination. A recent focus has been on problems associated with shipping as much as 70,000 metric tons of radioactive waste from 131 above-ground nuclear power plants and facilities in 39 states to Nevada over a quarter-century.

There would be daily shipments of nuclear waste through Atlanta, Cleveland and San Bernardino, CA, according to a U.S. Public Interest Research Group analysis, The Washington Post reported. Trucks or trains carrying the cargo would drive through Chicago every 15 hours, through St. Louis, Kansas City and Denver every 13 hours, through Des Moines and Omaha every 10 hours and through Salt Lake City every seven hours.

If approved, and pending a license from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the repository could open by 2010.