Pilot reconciles with TripPak

| 7/8/2002

Pilot Travel Centers and Truckload Management Inc. have reached an agreement to keep TripPak Express drop boxes at Pilot truckstops. TMI credits the "immediate" and "overwhelming" response from drivers and fleets to see TripPak and Pilot continue their partnership.

Pilot informed TMI June 28 that it had decided "unilaterally" to remove the drop boxes unless the company agreed to pay substantial, punitive fees. The financial demands made by Pilot would have increased fleet TripPak fees by 35 to 39 percent.

"We now have a placement agreement with TripPak to address our business issues and TripPak has the guarantee that Pilot will not negatively impact their cost structure," said Mark Hazelwood, executive vice president of Pilot Travel Centers in a released statement. "Both companies are working with customers to make sure that there is no interruption in service or any misunderstanding."

"Pilot acted quickly to confirm with each travel center manager that no further action was necessary and all our drop boxes are in place," said Mark A. Cleveland, executive vice president of TMI. "TripPak Express shipments from all Pilot locations were accounted for (Tuesday) and only three sites were inactive for 24 hours. We now have a multi-year placement agreement and Pilot will respect the original TripPak arrangement to help us keep carrier costs down."

TripPak and Pilot also agreed to research other initiatives that would expand coverage. Currently, TripPak Express boxes can be found in more than 1,200 locations throughout the United States and Canada. None of these locations charge a fee.