OOIDA members shine in ITS Show & Shine

| 7/8/2002

Five OOIDA members won top spots in several categories at the Stars & Stripes Show & Shine held May 27-29 at the International Trucking Show in Las Vegas. OOIDA members Tod Job, Billy Hopkins, Chris Lewis, Bill Pierce and Sam Watson placed among the top winners:

Class 1A- 1996 & Newer Combo: first, Tod Job of T.L. Job Trucking, Jefferson City, MO, 1996 Pete 379/1997 Great Dane reefer; second, Billy Hopkins, Rockin' H Express, Kaufman, TX, 2000 Pete 379/flatbed; third, Jerry & Judy Reese, Statesville, NC, 2001 Kenworth W900L/1996 Kentucky van.

Class 1B - Specialized Combo: first, J.J. Jimenez, Bad Ass Trucking, Riverbank, CA, 2002 Kenworth W900/2000 Advantage end dump.

Class 3 - 1993 & Older Combo: first, Bill and Marie Sandvik, Sandvik Trucking, Escondido, CA, "Delirious Dezire," 1992 Pete 379/1993 Ravens flatbed; second, Rick Walkers, Western Distributors, Denver, CO, 1953 Pete 411/2001 stainless utility reefer; third, Bob Hitchcock, Baywood Motor Sports, Stockton, CA, 1991 Pete 379/Kentucky van.

Class 4 - Company Truck Combo: first, Rhett Butler, Rhett Butler Trucking, Andalusia, AL, "Miss Scarlett," 2001 Kenworth T2000/1998 utility reefer; Keith Bothwell, Tri-State Commodities, Greeley, CO, 1978 Kenworth W900/1995 Wilson grain trailer; third, James Davis, First Class Transportation, Canby, OR, 1975 Pete 359/2000 Wilson soft-side trailer.

Class 5 - 2000 & Newer Bobtail: first, Bob Demonte, National Mobile Television, Torrance, CA, 2002 Pete379; second, Jeff Botelho, Botelho Bros. Trucking, Los Banos, CA, 2000 Pete 379; third, Hector Chans, Las Vegas, NV, 2000 Pete 379.

Class 6 - 1994-1999 Bobtail: first, Chuck Prigge, Sandvik Trucking, Escondido, CA, "Kaotic," 1996 Pete 379; second, Chris Lewis, Chris Lewis Trucking, Jackson, MO, "Chrome Illusion," 1999 Pete 379; third, Eduardo Aceves and Jorge Cortez, San Diego, CA, 1996 Kenworth W900L.

Class 7A - 1982-1993: first, Clayton Sullivan, BAD Trucks Inc., Las Vegas, NV, 1989 Pete 379; second, Bill Pierce, Bill Pierce Backhoe, Poway, CA, "Boss Hog," 1986 Pete 359; third, Guy Selby, Guy Selby Trucking, Phoenix, AZ, 1987 Pete 379.

Class 7B - 1981 & Older Bobtail: first, Sam Watson, Sam Watson Trucking, Weston, WV, "Rainbow," 1974 Kenworth W900A; second, Delton Aamodt, Aamodt Trucking, Bonners Ferry, ID, 1954 Pete 280; third, Jim Pickle, Trade Winds Transport, Grants Pass, OR, 1981 Pete 359.

Class 8 - Company Truck Bobtail: first, Tomas Aranda, Prime Inc., Lamar, AR, "Green Eyed Lady," 2000 Freightliner Classic; second, Stuart Robertson, Western Trailer, Boise, ID, 2000 Pete 379; third, Eldon Easterday, Gary Amoth Trucking, Twin Falls, ID, 1980 Kenworth W900A.

Class 9 - Professional Show Truck Combo: first, Mike Humphries, Western States Wholesale, Ontario, CA, 1980 Pete 359/1994 Kentucky drop van; second, James Cotta, Baywood Motor Sport, Stockton, CA, 1956 Mack B73/2002 Western drop deck.

Class 10 - Professional Show Truck Bobtail: first, Doug Day, Hoosier Air Transport, Colombus, IN, 1955 Pete 351; second, Mark Strickland, Western States Wholesale, Ontario, CA, 1976 Pete 359.

Class 11A - Interior/Cab Only: first, Tod Job; second (tie), Chris Lewis and Sam Watson.

Class 11B - Interior/OEM Sleeper: first, Rhett Butler; second, Chuck Prigge; third, Aranda.

Class 11C - Interior/Custom After-market Sleeper: first, Judi & Jerry Reese; second, Doug Day; third, Sandviks.

Class 12 - Engine: first, Sam Watson; second, Sandviks; third, Rhett Butler.

Class 13 - Custom Paint/Graphics Combo: first, Sandviks; second, Tod Job.

Class 14 - Custom Paint/Graphics Bobtail: first, Chuck Prigge; second, Clayton Sullivan; third, Sam Watson.

Class 15 - Custom Paint/Mural Combo: first, Rhett Butler.

Class 16 - Custom Paint/Mural Bobtail: first, Bill Pierce; second, Tomas Aranda.

Diesel Dave's Pick of the Litter Award: Tod Job

People's Choice Bobtail: Chris Lewis

People's Choice Combo: Rhett Butler

Best of Show Bobtail: Sam Watson

Best of Show Combo: Rhett Butler